Fixed Scope Projects

These projects are done based on already defined scope and requirements. We always give our best to deliver within the given estimation time frame.

Team as a Service

Fully managed team, built, organised and sized to meet your specific project and company needs. At the end, only thing you worry about is what needs to be done.


We can help you improve your organisation and processes or advise on using the right technologies to perfectly match your business needs.

Clients We Work With

Relationships are important. That’s why we focus on bringing value and building strong connections with our partners. Let’s build trust and grow together!


Add Missing Blocks

to your business!

To be able to grow, a company needs a good base in all fields. In the era of technology, your IT must be future proof and that is what we do best. We can help you build that strong tech base so you can focus on the growth of your business. By forming a strategic partnership with us, you will be able to bring your visions to life with our professional guidance and technical expertise.

Robust, Cutting Edge

software solutions

We develop for the future. The solutions we provide have all characteristics of a quality, well made software. By working with us, you will get instant value which will also live long time to the future, because the software we provide is maintainable, reliable, functional, efficient, usable, portable. All of this together equals growth.


Scuti IT

Let Us Improve Your Business!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us out by phone or email. We are always glad to answer any questions you might have or chat about the possible partnership. 

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